Notice Board

14-01-2021 Tender Notice
08-01-2021 Quotation For Pipe
07-01-2021 Quotation  for Gadgets
05-01-2021 Quotation For Oil
30-12-2020 Quotation For Fruit panniri
08-12-2020 Publication of Notice
13-08-2020 Gazzettee Notification SRO141(KE)/2019 to call objection from general public
18-03-2020 Anti Dengue / Malaria Spray Schedule
17-03-2020 Important Notice on Coronavirus panademic (New)

Preliminary list of Constituency in respect of Cantonment Board Kharian Page1 & page 2

01-01-2020 ML&C Lahore Region Open House for redressal of Cantt Public Grievances

Important Notice (New)

27-11-2019 Open House for redressal of ML&C Employees' grievances
29-08-2019 Amnesty Scheme (To legalize construction in various Private Colonies)
08-10-2019 Annual Account 2018-19


Mob APP CBCARE for online complaints

 10-07-2019  SMO Monthly tour plan 15-07-2019 to 15-08-2019
23-08-2019 PMDU BANNER
23-08-2019 Mob APP Pakistan Citizen's Portal for online complaints
11-10-2019 Core Office Functions timeline
26-11-2019 Important Notice (New)
06-12-2019 Important Notice (New)