Sports Gala is an unprecedented event initiated by the Worth DGML&C, very 1st time in the history of ML&C Department.  Motive is to Provide Recreational  activities to the hardworking Officials and Employees of ML&C Department. MEOs and Cantonments team from all over Pakistan belonging to different categories i.e. Cricket, Football, Badminton etc participated the event. Cantonment Board Kharian also participated in all catagories and shown  tremendous achievements.


                   Worthy DGML&C addressing the event.


Additional DG with the Lahore Region Team                                                         CEO Kharian Captain of Lahore Region in group Photo.



     CEO Kharian leading his team to Ground                                                             Toss



                                  CEO Kharian (Captain) receiving winning prize from worthy DGML&C, Additional DGML&C & CEO Walton



                                                                                        Group Photo with ML&C Officials and his team



        CEO CBK with CEO CBS watching  Football match (CB Kharian Vs CB Sialkot) in Sialkot.

                                                                                                                                                                                    group photo